Tips and Advice for Spread Betting

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We understand spread betting can be a daunting thing to learn, but our top tips and advice section here is designed to equip you with the knowledge and strategies to enhance your success with sports spread betting. We've curated the essential tips you need to navigate the world of spread betting effectively.

Our Top Tips and Advice for Sports Spread Betting

Don't Bet Too Soon

The best way to increase your chances of profiting in team games such as football and rugby is to wait as long as possible to place your bet. This allows you to utilise things like late team news; for instance, you may see that Manchester City are playing one of the teams at the bottom of the table and you think it’s a no-brainer that Manchester City are going to win this game, so you decide to buy into this fixture. The team news is then announced and you see that Man City are resting key players in anticipation for a midweek fixture. This is something to be mindful of as it occurs far more often than you think.

Another aspect is if the game is live, then the markets will be updated in-running, so it's wise to watch the game for at least 5 minutes before you place your bet. During these 5 minutes, the spreads won’t move very much which gives you the time to determine how the game is shaping out.

Consider Selling Instead Of Buying

In some cases, selling your spread can be more beneficial than buying. In the past, there has been a trend of more people buying rather than selling and this happens for the following reasons:

  • People like viewing the action that occurs during a game, therefore they lean more towards buying
  • People buy the team they support
  • People back well-known players, as opposed to less popular players
  • There is an assumption that people who sell suffer worse than people who buy. But stress levels can be seen on both sides
  • It can be quite a daunting thing to sell, particularly in the multi-corners market of multi-corners where so many things can go awry.

Try To Ignore Hype

Things like commentators, the press, and particular pundits can all influence your decisions, but it is best practice to make your betting decisions without outside influence. Make a bet because you believe it will win for you.

Specialise In One Market

Concentrating your efforts on one or two markets improves your chances of success. When you are more familiar with the market and how it works, you can move on to getting to know other markets to diversify your bets.

Understand The Rules And Markets

Never assume you know everything. It’s important to read up on the latest markets and various rules rather than betting on something you think should happen.

Take Notes

It’s important to keep a record of all your bets, both your winnings and losses. If you don’t do this then it will be very difficult to keep track of your performance and to learn going forward. It's a good thing to improve your overall strategy in spread betting and learn from your losses.

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