Benefits Of Sports Spread Betting

In this section of Spread School by SportsSpread, we explore the benefits of sports spread betting.

From increasing your potential profits to enjoying a more interactive betting experience, sports spread betting offers unique benefits that set it apart from traditional fixed-odds betting.

What Are The Benefits Of Sports Spread Betting?

The More You Get Right, The More You Win

In sports spread betting, the more right you are, the more money you could win, unlike in fixed-odds betting, where you’re either right or wrong. This type of betting relies on your knowledge and skill.

There Are Thousands Of Markets On Hundreds Of Sports

At SportsSpread, we have a fantastic choice of sports and markets to place spread bets on. From cross-corners in football to specific player runs in cricket, there is a wide range of markets to choose from. We also offer even more obscure markets, such as the number of aces a player may score in tennis or double card numbers in horse racing.

Go Against A Favourite As Opposed To Backing Them

One of the unique aspects of spread betting is that it allows you to go against a favourite by selling on the spread. It’s the same as placing a bet on a betting exchange; if you were to go to our race index spread, you could ‘sell’ on a horse race rather than ‘buy’ on a horse leading the betting.

In-Play Spread Betting

Another great aspect of spread betting is in-play betting. Spread betting was one of the first to offer in-play betting, making it a very engaging and spontaneous way to bet on live games. This allows the freedom to partially close out positions or totally close them during the event. You can even switch tactics and go the other direction with your bet. In-play betting gives bettors the freedom to change their minds.

Long-Term Betting Rather Than One Event

With spread betting, you can have a long-term approach to a match, event or even an entire tournament. For instance, when spread betting on horse racing, you can bet on winning distances or in cricket you can bet on the number of runs by a player in an entire competition.

Keep All Your Winnings

That's right. When it comes to spread betting, all the profits you make are yours to keep. This is due to the fact that spread betting profits are exempt from the capital gains tax - as opposed to investing in shares. You won’t have to pay stamp duty either because you don’t own the underlying asset.

No Paying Commission

In spread betting, you don’t have to pay a commission because your opening position cost is covered in the spread itself.

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