Golf Spread Betting

Spread betting is an excellent way to bet on golf whilst maximising your profits.

With a wealth of markets at your fingertips, golf spread betting offers a captivating way to engage with the sport. Whether you're forecasting tournament winners, hole scores, or player performances, you can immerse yourself in the excitement and leverage your golfing expertise for a chance to secure impressive winnings.


What Is Golf Spread Betting?

Golf spread betting is an exciting way to bet on all European, PGA and Championship tournaments, it’s a great way to make money on your predictions. With fixed-odds betting, you only win whatever the bookies offer you when you place the bet. If you win your bet, you get the money. If your bet runs away and you couldn’t have been more right, you still get the same amount of money.

With spread betting, the customer can win a more lucrative profit based on how correct the outcome of your bet is. This will all become clear in the example below on how golf spread betting works.

How Golf Spread Betting Works

Golf spread betting offers you a range of different markets you can bet on. From finishing positions, player vs player markets and leaderboard markets. With spread betting on golf, you can choose your market, evaluate the spread and place your stake. If your prediction is correct, you will be rewarded depending on how correct you are. If you get your prediction wrong, however, you stand to lose more than the money you originally staked.

The Difference Between Golf Spread Betting & Fixed-Odds Betting

If you have a prediction that something in a tournament may happen and you decide to put a £10 stake on the outcome of that prediction, if your prediction comes in you will win a profit which increases depending on the margin your bet was won by.

Let’s say your bet comes in but it only just makes it across the mark by one point. You’ll win a profit of £10. However, if your bet wins emphatically by let’s say 18 points, you will have just won yourself a total profit of £180.00.

That's where spread betting and fixed-odds betting differ. Spread betting will reward you on how much you win by, rather than giving you a fixed amount that you can win.

The only risk with spread betting is that you stand to lose more than your stake if you get the bet wrong. If you get it wrong by one point then you will lose your stake, whereas if you get it wrong by more than one point, you stand to lose your stake amount for every point you fall short on (10 points short = £100 loss).

Most Popular Golf Spread Betting Markets

Golf Leaderboards

‘Golf Leaderboards’ markets give you a chance to bet on where you believe a player will finish in the tournament. The top eight positions are awarded points depending on where they finish:

The distances under a length are recorded as follows:

1st = 80 points

2nd = 40 points

3rd = 30 points

4th = 25 points

5th = 20 points

6th = 15 points

7th = 10 points

8th = 5 points

We may price Bryson DeChambeau at 10 - 14 on the leaderboard. If Bryson went on to finish the tournament in second place, 40 points would be awarded and therefore your bet would look something like this:

If you chose to BUY at 14 (£10 stake)

(Settled Price - BUY Price) x Stake

(40 - 14) x £10

26 x £10 = £260 Profit

If you chose to SELL at 10 (£10 Stake)

(SELL Price - Settled Price) x Stake

(10 - 40) x £10

-30 x £10 = £300 Loss

As you can see, your prediction can earn you a great return on your investment, but it can also cost you a lot more than the money you stake.

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Finishing Positions

With the ‘Finishing Position’ markets, you’re betting on what position you think a player will finish the tournament in. For this example, let’s say SportsSpread are offering a spread for Tommy Fleetwood to finish 14 - 17. You’re a massive Fleetwood fan and decide that there’s no way he’s going to finish below 14th in the tournament. You opt to SELL the spread with a £10 stake. Tommy Fleetwood goes on to finish 3rd in the tournament, here’s how your bet would play out:

(SELL Price - Settled Price) x Stake

(14 - 3) x £10

11 x £10 = £110 Profit

Now, let’s say your bet isn’t successful and Tommy finishes in 17th position:

(SELL Price - Settled Price) x Stake

(14 - 17) x £10

-3 x £10 = £30 Loss

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