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SportsSpread offer a wide variety of bets on Horse Racing from Match Bets to Jockey Indexes. Below we have provided an explanation and some information on each type of bet to help you understand the most popular markets. If you have any questions regarding any of our markets on offer please do not hesitate to contact our trading desk.

Winning Distances

A spread is quoted for the combined winning distances for each race at a race meeting. There are maximum winning distances for both Flat and Jumps Horse Racing: Flat = 12 lengths & Jumps = 30 Lengths. This also applies should only one horse complete the race. Distances under a length are recorded as follows: Nose =.05 of a length, Short head = 0.1 of a length, head = 0.2 of a length, neck = 0.3 of a length, half a length = 0.5 of a length, three-quarters of a length = 0.75 of a length.


On the first day of Cheltenham Festival, We have quoted the total winning distances for the 7 races at 35 - 39. At the end of the day’s racing the winning distances made up at 48 lengths. If you had decided to buy at 39 you would have won 9 times your stake: (39 - 48) x your stake = 9 x £/€2 = £/€18. However if the winning distances had made up at only 20 lengths, the same bet would have lost you 19 times your stake: (20 - 39) x your stake = -19 x £/€2 = £/€38.

Race Index

Points are awarded to horses depending on where they finish in the race. This market allows buy or sell a horse’s performance allowing you to if you oppose a horse’s performance. This means if a horse loses you would in fact win. The awarding of points to the horses is dependent on the numbers of entrants in a race. Races with 11 or less runners the points are as follows: 1st = 50 points, 2nd = 25, 3rd = 10, any other place = 0. Races with 12 or more entrants will apply points as follows: 1st = 50 points, 2nd = 30, 3rd = 20, 4th = 10, any other place = 0.


In the 2011 2,000 Guineas SportsSpread quoted Frankel at 36 - 39. In traditional fixed odds terms, this meant SportsSpread regarded Frankel as the resounding favourite. If it was your belief that Frankel would win, you would buy Frankel at 39 for a stake of £/€10. Frankel went on win the race by 15 lengths so he was therefore awarded 50 points. You have therefore would have won 11 times your stake: (39 - 50) x £/€10 = 11 x £/€10 = £/€110. However if Frankel had pulled up and not been placed in the race , he would have been awarded 0 points,

Match Bets

The distance between two selected horses when they cross the finishing line. The maximum winning distance is 12 lengths (flat) and 15 lengths (jumps) .If both horses fail to finish the race, the bet will be void. Please be aware that the final finishing positions of the horses are irrelevant, it is actually the distance between the horses which counts.


In the 2009 Cheltenham Gold Cup, SportsSpread selected Kauto Star and Denman as the participants in a match bet. We made Denman favourite to finish ahead of Kauto Star by between 0-2 lengths. If it was your belief that Denman would again outclass his stable mate you would buy Denman at 2 length for a stake of £/€5 per length. The result was Denman trailed Kauto Star by 13 lengths. You therefore would have lost 11 times your stake: (2 - 13) x £/€5 = £/€55.

Starting Prices

This is a prediction of the total Starting Prices of all winners throughout the card in a race meeting. e.g. A 7/1 winner is worth 7 points, a 6/4 winner is worth 1.5 points etc.

Favourites Index

This is the forecast of how the favourite will perform in each race at a specific race meeting. Points are awarded for finishing in the first three in the following way: 25 points for win, 10 points for second and 5 points for third. If there are joint or co-favourites, we take the favourite as being the horse with the lower race card number.


At the Southwell Fibresand card consisting of seven races, our favourite’s prediction might be 62-65 points. If you believed that the favourites in all seven races stood a good chance ,you would buy at 65 for a stake of When the all results are in the final tally is made up of 80 You would have therefore won 15 times your stake: (65 - 80) x your stake = 15 x £/€5 = £/€75. But, if the favourites index had made up at only 50 points, the same bet would have lost you 35 times your stake: (50 - 85 x your stake = -35 x £/€5 = -£/€175

Racing Post Favourites Index

This market is like the Favourites Index except it is judged on favourites according to the forecast of Starting Prices in the Racing Post. These horses are awarded points as follows: 1st = 25points, 2nd = 10, 3rd = 5, any other place = 0. If there are joint favourites the first named horse in the Racing Post is deemed to be the favourite.

Double Card

A prediction of the race card numbers of all of the winners at a meeting multiplied by two .e.g.: On a 7 race card the race card numbers of the winners are 5, 3, 12, 7, 4, 1, 9. The double card result for this meeting is 82.


A prediction on the performance of all racecard number 1’s (Heavyweights) throughout the card. These horses are awarded points as follows: 1st = 25points, 2nd = 10, 3rd = 5, any other place = 0.

Stop at a Winner

A prediction on the number of races throughout a card to run before a favourite wins. The number of the race where the favourite wins is then multiplied by ten. If there is no winning favourite throughout the card, then the amount of races on the card plus one is multiplied by ten will be the make up.

Jockey Index

SportsSpread offer a market on how an individual jockey will perform at specified race meetings. This is similar to the favourites markets with 25 points awarded for a winning ride, 10 for a second, and 5 for a third and 0 points for any other place. If the jockey on whom the market is offered does not ride his scheduled mount in a race, but the horse still runs, then the horse's finishing position still counts as if it had been ridden by the named jockey


At a meeting at Leopardstown, Ruby Walsh has six rides. SportsSpread forecast that Ruby will get between 50 - 53 points. Ruby is perceived to have a very strong set of rides for the meeting. If it is your belief that he will have a successful day you would buy at 53 for a stake of £/€5. Ruby Walsh’s 6 rides settle at 50. You would have lost 3 times your stake: (50 - 53) x £/€5 = £/€15. If in fact Ruby had done slightly better and the market settled at 60 you have in fact won 7 times your stake: (3 - 60) x £/€5 = £/€35.

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