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* We offer a wide variety of bets on Golf from Leaderboard Indexes to Finishing Positions. SportsSpread have provided an explanation and some information on each type of market. If you have any questions regarding any of our bets on offer please do not hesitate to contact our trading desk.

Mini Leaderboard Index

For this Tournament Index bet we predict a player’s performance in relation to a selected number of their competitors (usually 15). Note that only these 15 players count for the bet and as a result your selected player does not necessarily need to win the tournament for your bet to come in.

In SportsSpread’s Tournament Index points are awarded as follows: First of the 15 named players = 1st = 50 points, 2nd = 30, 3rd = 20, 4th= 10 and all others = 0.


In a typical Golf Tournament, our quote for Rory McIlroy might be 13 - 15 in a competitive 15 man index. If you believe that McIlroy would beat the other 14 men in the Index, you would buy at 15 with your chosen stake of say £/€5.

If you had been correct in your assessment and McIlroy finished top of the 15 named players, you would have won 35 times your stake, in this case £/€5 per point: (50 - 15) x £/€5 = 35 x £/€5 = £/€175. However, if McIlroy had finished 5th or lower of the 15 named players, he would not have been awarded any points so the same bet would have lost you 15 times your stake: (0 - 15) x £/€5 = -15 x £/€5 = -£/€75.

Leaderboard Index

The Leaderboard Index is similar to the tournament Index but the main difference is that with the Leaderboard Index we predict how well the majority of players will perform in the tournament. The players within the Leaderboard Index correspond with those leading the tournament, so additional players may be priced up as a tournament progresses.

For a typical SportsSpread Leaderboard Index, points are awarded as follows: 1st = 60 points, 2nd = 40, 3rd = 30, 4th = 25, 5th = 20, 6th = 15, 7th= 10, 8th= 5, all others = 0.


Before the start of a tournament we might predict Tiger Woods at a quote of 10 - 13 points on the basis of the scoring system above. If you fancied Tiger Woods to get 15 points you would buy at 13 for the stake of your choice, in this case say £/€5.

Had he ended up finishing 4th on his own (25 points) you would have made 12 times your stake: (25 - 13) x your stake = 12 x £/€5 = £/€60. However, if he had struggled with his game and eventually missed the cut, he would have received 0 points on the Leaderboard Index. As a result you would have lost 13 times your stake: (0 - 13) x your stake = 13 x £/€5 = £/€65.

Live Index

Live Index gives the client the opportunity to watch the action and get live prices as the action unfolds. The scoring system awards points as follows: 1st = 25 points, 2nd = 10, 3rd= 5, all others = 0.


In the British Open we might offer predictions for eight players in contention during the last round live on TV. On the 15th hole after an eagle to bring him within 3 shots of the leader, We  might price Rory McIlroy at 6 - 8 points. If on the 16th hole he had a poor drive which landed in the trees, we might revise our quote downwards on him to 5 - 7. For clients who are watching live, they might decide McIlroy might be able to rescue himself on the 17th. If you believe this is the case you might decide to buy at 7 with your chosen stake of say £/€10 a point.

If McIlroy finishes 2nd he would be awarded 10 points. As a result a client would have got 3 times their stake, (10 - 7) = 3 x £/€10 = £/€30.

On the other hand a client who lost confidence in McIlroy might have decided to sell at 5. If this had been the case you would have lost 5 times your stake as McIlroy was awarded 10 points for finishing second, (10 - 5) = 5 x £/€10 = £/€50.

Finishing Positions

Finishing Positions refers to the finishing position a player will achieve at the end of a tournament.

We will quote a prediction for a selection of golfers that will reflect how well we think they will fare. The Finishing Positions bet differs from most other bets because if you buy, this means you want your selection to do badly, or if you sell you want your selection to do well. The reason for this is because the higher the number a player finishes the further away they are from position 1 and the lower the number a player finishes at the closer they are to position 1. The maximum finishing position is 70, so if someone misses the cut they will be settled at 70. Unless otherwise stated.


SportsSpread predict Luke Donald to finish in position 6th or 7th in the Australian Open and so predict a spread of 5 - 8. If a client believes Luke Donald is playing well and should rank better than 6th position they should sell or if you believe Luke Donald is not on form and will perform badly you would buy.

It turns out Luke Donald finishes in 2nd place and if you had chosen to sell you would have won 3 times your stake, say £/€10, (5 - 2) = 3 x £/€10 = £/€30. If you had chosen to buy you would have lost 6 times your bet (8 - 2) = 6 x £/€10 = £/€60.

18 Hole Match Bets

We offer a large number of 18 hole match bets for each day of most tournaments. We pick two players (who are normally paired together in the tournament ) and predict which golfer will win over 18 holes. A player is awarded 10 points for winning plus 3 points for each shot he wins by.


We might offer an 18 Hole Match Bet between Rory McIlroy and Luke Donald. Judging by Luke Donalds recent form we might make him favourite predicting 3 - 6 points. If you think Luke Donald will continue his good run you might buy at 6 points for a stake of £/€5.

If Luke Donald sailed through the first 12 holes, continued well to finish the round and beat McIlroy by 3 shots, the make up will be 19 and you would have won 13 times your stake, 10 points for winning + 3 points for each point he wins by (he wins by 3 points, so 3 x 3 = 9), so (10 + 9) = 19 - 6 = 13 x £/€5 = £/€65.

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