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SportsSpread offer a wide variety of bets on Football from Supremacy bets to Player Performances. SportsSpread have provided an explanation and some information on each type of bet to help you understand and decide which bet is for you. If you have any questions regarding any of our bets on offer please do not hesitate to contact our trading desk.


A Supremacy bet is where SportsSpread predict one team’s dominance over another. In simple terms we will predict how many goals one team will beat the other by.


We predict Manchester United to beat Manchester City by 0.2 - 0.4 goals. If you think Manchester United will win you could buy at 0.4 goals with the stake of your choice, say £/€10.

If Manchester Utd were to win the game 5 - 1, the winning margin would be 4 goals. If you choose to buy at 0.4 you would have won (4 - 0.4) =3.6 times your stake of £/€10, so 3.6 x £/€10 = £/€36.

Conversely if you had sold Manchester Utd at 0.2 you would have lost (4 - 0.2) = £/€38

Total Goals

Total Goals is where SportsSpread makes a prediction on the total number of goals scored in any match by both teams.


SportsSpread may predict that there will be 2.7 - 3.0 goals in the Leeds v Cardiff City game. Therefore if you think the game will be a high scoring game you would buy at 3.0 and choose the stake of your choice, say £/€10.

If Leeds were to win the game 5 - 1, the total goals scored in the game would be 6. Had you decided to buy on Total Goals at 3.0 you would have made 3 times your stake: (6 - 3.0) x your stake = 3 x £/€10 = £/€30. But if the game had finished 0 - 0, the same bet would have lost you 3 times your stake: (0 - 3.0) x your stake = 3 x £/€10 = £/€30.

Goalscorers Shirt Numbers

Goalscorers’ Shirt Numbers refer to the total shirt numbers of all the goal scorers in a match.

For example; If 2 goals were scored in a match and player number 17 scored and player number 21 scored then the total Goalscorers’ Shirt Numbers is 38.


In a soccer match between Manchester United and Manchester City, SportsSpread might predict Goalscorers Shirt Numbers to be 31 - 37, a steak of £/€10 a point.

If the game ended 3 - 0 to Manchester United with number 11 scoring twice and number 24 scoring once the final result would be 46 (11 + 11 + 24). If you had decided to buy you would have won 9 times your stake (46 - 37) = 9 x £/€10 = £/€90. If you had decided to sell you would have lost 15 times your stake (46 - 31) = 15 x £/€10 = £/€150.

Total Bookings

Total Bookings refers to how many cards the referee will show during a match. Each card (yellow or red) is worth a number of points.


In a Celtic v Rangers match we might predict that there may be some cards shown so we might predict somewhere between 35 - 40 points.

Say there were a total of 2 red cards and two yellow cards. This means there is a total of 70 points throughout the match altogether (25 + 25 + 10 + 10). Say you have a stake of £/€10.

If you decided to buy you would have won 30 times your stake which would be (70 - 40) = 30 x 10 = £/€300. If you decided to sell you would have lost 35 times your stake which would be (70 - 35) =35 x £/€10 = £/€350.

Total Corners

Total Corners refers to the total amount of corners taken by both teams in a game.


For a game between Aston Villa and Everton, SportsSpread might predict 12.5 - 13 corners in this particular match. If you believe there will be a greater number of corners you would buy but if you believe this will be a game with fewer corners you might sell.

Say the stake was £/€10 and you decide to buy. This has turned out to be a game with many corners for both sides and the total amount of corners in the game was 18. Congratulations, you would have won 5 times your stake, whereby (18 - 13) = 5 x £/€10 = £/€50. You would have won £/€50.

On the other hand if you had decided to sell you would have lost 5.5 times your stake. Whereby, (18 - 12.5) = 5.5 x £/€10 = £/€55. Unfortunately you would have lost £/€55.

Time of First Goal

How many minutes will pass before either team scores? SportsSpread would also make predictions on the time of the first home goal and first away goal. The maximum result is 90 minutes (injury time does not count).


In a match between Tottenham HotSpur and Newcastle SportsSpread might predict that the first goal be scored inside the first 20 minutes. Therefore we might predict for the first goal to be scored between 19 - 22 minutes. Say your chose a stake of £/€10.

If the first goal came in the 27th minute and you had chosen to buy i.e. that you wanted  a goal later than we have quoted you would have won 5 times your stake, (27 - 22) = 5 x £/€10 = £/€50. You would have won £/€50. But if you had decided that the first goal will be scored early in the match and sell at 19, you would have lost 8 times your stake whereby (27 - 19) = 8 x £/€10 = £/€80. You would have lost £/€80.

Total Goal Minutes

The Total Goal Minutes bet is a very volatile market and extra thought and care should be taken when placing bets. You must try to estimate the total combined time of all goals scored in the game. Goals scored in the 51st and 65th minute would add up to 116 total goal minutes.


Take a match between Arsenal and Wigan. We might predict 115 - 125 total goal minutes.

If Arsenal won the game 2 - 0 and the goals came in the 17th, 61st and minutes the result would be 78 minutes. Say you have a stake of £/€1. Had you expected no last minute goals this would have paid off for you. You would have won 37 times your stake, (115 - 78) = 37 x £/€1 = £/€37. On the other hand if you had expected several last minute goals, thus a high total amount of goal minutes you would have chosen to buy and lost 47 times your stake, (125 - 78) = 47 x £/€1 = £/€47.

Individual Player Goal Minutes

Individual Player Goal Minutes is based on the total minutes of all the goals scored by a single player in a match. So, if a player gets two goals in a match, one in the 17th minute and the other in the 53rd minute, the result would be 70 minutes (17 + 53). If that player fails to score throughout the match the result is 0 minutes.


SportsSpread may predict Goal Minutes for Ryan Giggs in a match of 18 - 31.

If you thought Giggs might not score at all in the game you would sell his goal minutes at 18. If Giggs had scored in the 3rd minute, you would have won 15 times your stake, in this case £/€1 per minute: (18 - 3) x your stake = 15 x £/€1 = £/€15. If, however, he scored in the 41st minute, you would have lost 23 times your stake: (18 - 41) x your stake = 23 x £/€1 = -£/€23.

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